International Acknowledgements
and Recognitions of the
Narconon® Drug Prevention Program

In its more than 25 year history, the Narconon drug education program has received a wealth of acknowledgements from individuals, communities, social organizations, the police, etc.

In Sweden, on the Narconon program's 25th anniversary there, Narconon received an acknowledgement from the Stockholm Chief of Police amongst many others for the organization's many years of working in close cooperation with Swedish police. This cooperation has included Swedish Narconon staff giving special drug education training lectures annually to the police cadets themselves.

"The Organization for Social Betterment," which is the organizational name in Italian of the Narconon Italy national office, has received acknowledgements from dozens of Members of Parliament, judges, military officials, city mayors, national government officials, etc. These have been especially for the drug education materials scripted and distributed throughout Italy by Narconon, not just to schools but to the regional and national legislature, on such subjects as "how drugs affect the mind," "how to talk to children about drugs," "confronting withdrawal [on the use of nutrition and simple, doable techniques to withdraw from heroin and other difficult drugs without resorting to substitute drugs], etc.

One such acknowledgement, just for example, came from the Station Commander of the Lombardy Region Caranieri, in which he stated "...This booklet is extremely useful for police forces to gain a better understanding of young people, including their own kids. Therefore, I'd appreciate more copies..." Another colonel of the Aerial Region Command wrote, "...Unfortunately, the drug problem presents a continuing emergency in the military...I'd be very grateful if you could send an adequate number of booklets to distribute to all our forces. We are sure that precise information can prevent the spreading of the drug phenomenon..." Another general of the Italian Army wrote, "...It is my opinion that this publication How to Talk to Your Kids about Drugs is very important for an effective information campaign to prevent the spreading drug phenomenon. I have alerted my respective offices to study it, with numbers of copies needed, please."

Additionally, in Italy it has now become traditional for several mayors of small towns to band together to create a weekend-long drug education festival where Narconon staff are brought in to lecture to all the students of the combined town populations along with their parents.

In May of 1999, L. Ron Hubbard received the prestigious Antonietti Labisi Silver Plaque for his work, among other contributions, in developing the drug rehabilitation and prevention methodology of the Narconon program.

Narconon drug education lectures are broadcast without charge in many countries of the world, including Sweden, Russia, Italy, the United States, Australia, etc.

In Australia, the President Narconon Australia, Dr. Nerida James, was invited to lecture on drug education to a regional gathering in a northern city.

The awards shown below include only a sampling of formal acknowledgements from Mayors, City Councils, Governors, legislatures, judges and other social betterment organizations to Narconon organizations worldwide.


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