The Value of Continuing Scientific Study

The Narconon International Science Advisory Board has taken on a very important role. In the last three decades, the scientific community has been in a ferment regarding vital questions such as what is addiction, what is recovery. These are large questions. Science is by no means settled on the answers. In the middle of this confusion, L. Ron Hubbard's announcement in the mid-1970s that not just toxic pesticides, but also street drugs and pharmaceuticals store in body tissue and have long-term pernicious effects on physical and mental health was a bold stroke. Mr. Hubbard's release of a carefully piloted detoxification regimen that could be delivered safely to the broad majority of people was a solution far ahead of its time. Narconon Science Board members for years have been doing clinical studies of different aspects of this detox procedure.

Narconon Science Board members have presented numerous papers on this procedure for publication or at prestigious conferences, including the Royal Swedish Academy's AMBIO, the Journal of Toxicology and presentations to the American Public Health Association. Sufficient documentation has been collecting on the detoxification protocol so that the International Conference on Human Detoxification was held in late 1995.

Narconon International is very appreciative of the serious and extensive work being contributed by the Science Advisory Board members. This work is making known to the world's professional community that significant benefits can be gained from Mr. Hubbard's detoxification protocol and the life skills and rehabilitation courses of the Narconon program.

Above: The two graphs show drugs coming out of the body and into the sweat (pink line) and urine (yellow line) progressively throughout L. Ron Hubbard's sauna sweat out procedure. Note the cocaine shooting into presence in the sweat on the second day of the sauna. Also note the valium increasing its presence in the urine immediately and appearing in the sweat as well.   More details

1994 International Detoxification Conference in Los Angeles

Attended by doctors, health professionals, criminologists, research scientists, environmentalists, and drug rehab professionals, the conference presented two full days of lectures, panel discussions, and a full Science Proceedings room of studies on L. Ron Hubbard's tissue detoxification protocol and related issues, including a presentation of the Narconon Program. Presentations were made on the detoxification of radioactive cesium from children near Chernobyl, street and pharmaceutical drugs coming out of tissue, the training of doctors in Russia on the detox protocol, the Narconon training program, the history of drug use and other issues. Attendees came from the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Poland, and Russia.

Dr. Root was the Chairman for the 1994 Conference.
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