Once upon a time

To Narconon California,

Once upon a time I had a cheerful little daughter she loved to help others and made lots of fun plans for the future everybody wanted to be around her. But something terrible happened to her that caused her a great loss. She became ill from this loss and started using vicodin to deal with the pain of what had happened. She found a way to cope with life and the pain but got lost in a very dark place. She became addicted to the drug for many years in quantities that could kill anyone. She got worse and worse. She could not take care of her children, she could not hold her marriage together and she could not keep a job to support herself. She was so smart and so able and really wanted to become cheerful again and wanted to make lots of fun plans for the future but could not. She was in the grip of the drug. She was sad most of time because she could not be with her children so she tried many, many ways to get well again through program after program. Each program worked for a bit which gave her, her children and me hope that it was going to be alright before it was too late.

But it wasn't all right. Every program went to fell by the wayside and would not stick; she began to use the drug again. She had several bouts with death and bouts with being in the hospital for many heath problems. When she couldn't get vicodin she would turn to anything she could that would numb the pain and help her stay lost.

The drug addict behavior went on and on for over 18 years.

Then one day I discovered Narconon California and I began to hear story after story of people recovering from drugs and alcohol with long term success. I knew Narconon California used a technology that had not been tried in the other programs my daughter had tried and maybe just maybe it might work this time. I decided we must find a way to help her get to Narconon California and give it one more shot before she finally did herself in. At least at that point we would have tried everything in our power to save her life. We found the funds needed to get her on an airplane and send her to Narconon San Diego. I knew it must be a distance away from family and friends because many were helping her to stay lost. I put her on that plane and somebody picked my drunken daughter up at the other end from Narconon California. She began the first step, detox with great pain and discomfort but finally made it to the next step and next and the next. Narconon California technology started to take hold for my daughter; she starting sounding cheerful and hopeful again, like she when she was a young girl.

Each time she would come home for a visit I could see a little more progress I knew it was working. She would talk about all the great tools she had learned to use when life got rough. She graduated the Narconon California program six months later and was herself again.

Able-bodied now, my daughter left Narconon California this year. She is handling life very nicely. I know things come up for her but she uses the tools from the Narconon California technology to pull from when they do. She is cheerful most of the time and giving to others the way she has always wanted. She has a great job and is back in her children's lives working to repair any damage she has caused. But most of all I have my daughter back she is her cheerful, helpful, productive self and for that I can not thank Narconon California and their technology enough. She is so fun to be with and tries to bring everybody else up around her. They saved her life.

The reason I am writing this in story form is because the pain was so great while living in this drug addiction with my daughter and my grandchildren I could not hear it that way again. So I decided to keep it light.

My name is Sheila W.

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