Before my Dad went into the Narconon California

Dear, Kia

Before my Dad went into the Narconon California program on July 7th 2006, he was living in a small town and was addicted to crack. There was nothing that he wouldn't do to get high. Being on drugs set him on a path of stealing, lying, and neglecting his family. He would get up in the morning and his day would start off with him doing any thing to be able to find crack. He would steal from stores, and pawn anything in the house that he would think would get him enough money to get drugs. He would lie to his job and wouldn't go into work because he was too busy looking for an extra dollar to get high.

While being on drugs he would neglect his family. Not anything that would happen with the family would matter unless it had to do with getting high. We would come down to visit to make sure everything was going okay, and my Dad would leave to go find drugs while we sat at the house and waited. We would be sitting there and sitting there and the hours would go by and still there would be no sign of my Dad. When my nephew was born none of the rest of the family would go and get Dad because they thought it wouldn't be worth it because he wouldn't stay around long enough to see the new baby anyway.Not only was his life going bad but his health was too, he had lost a lot of muscle that used to be there and he wouldn't eat on a regular basis. Being on drugs really put my dad as an outcast of the family. He missed out on a lot of things that I wish he could have been apart of.

Now after the Narconon California program, I have my real dad back. Seeing my Dad sober for the first time in years made me the happiest man alive. He now cares about what goes on in my life, he calls just to make sure everything is going good.We get e-mails and things on a regular basis talking about family and love. He even flew back to North Carolina from California to come to be "best man" at my wedding. He got to meet my son Dillon for the first time and sat on the floor and played with him which could have made me cry. On occasions he will send money down to us just to help us with bills and stuff. He also got a job and goes to work everyday instead of ditching work which he was doing before. Since my dad has been off of drugs he has been caring for him self such as eating healthy, exercising and lifting weights. My dad has gotten back to the size he was before he started on drugs.

After doing the Narconon California program, my Dad became the man I new that he could be; caring, loving, and happy to be sober.

Eric B.

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