Luckily, our child did not die

To Whom It May Concern,

My daughter had been a concern since high school when she first started pot. We got her into a drug treatment program and she supposedly did well. We did not realize that a strict follow-up was needed and a change in thought.

After another treatment in a 30 day program 4 years later, the thought was this was it and all was well. The problem is that the treatments did not focus on what to do afterward, mainly no association with past friends and a whole new way of thinking was needed. Life was a turmoil prior to Narconon California's help.

Luckily, our child did not die but hit bottom with continued drug use. A program that was greater than 30 days was needed as well as follow-up and strict adherence to the program. The impact on the family is really indescribable. Health, money, energy, and relationships were lost. I do not think that a lot of that is restored and somehow you go on. It is usually due to self-preservation and care for other family members. Really it is a form of getting a cancer. The fight is on.

Narconon California was a great help. A change of thought was needed to break the cycle and Narconon California teaches that. We finally have a hope that addiction can be altered with a set plan. The constant turmoil is gone and we can finally begin to heal. The education that is being taught at the Narconon California program is so valuable to the addict. A way is shown to pull out of a dead end way of life. Most important a better way is shown through an extended stay longer than 30 days program.

Joan Z.

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