When Gordy went to Narconon California

To Whom It May Concern,

My brother Gordon has been an addict for over 24 years. He drank alcohol like a mad man, chased women and basically destroyed almost every positive relationship that he ever had.

Once the blast of crack cocaine was involved, all hell broke loose.

Thanks to Narconon California , Gordy has his life back. He is a responsible, caring person and has taken cause over his life. Narconon California changed his behavior, but more importantly Narconon California changed the way he views life.

When Gordy went to Narconon California my family was at wits end. We have finally found a place different from the 12 step. Narconon California offered that choice. Instead of blaming his genes, family, job, and society-Gordy now takes control of his situation and knows that he is the master of his domain.

He is NOT powerless. He realized now that HE caused the problems and HE made the choices. He is more independent today then I have ever known him. He is a pleasure to be around. His responsibility level is off the charts.

I can't thank Narconon California enough. You gave me my brother back.

Narconon California's approach to addiction is, too me, the best possible solution. It teaches the addict to take control over his life and raise his responsibility level.

That is just what Gordy has done and we will always be grateful to Narconon California for bringing out Gordy's potential and God given talent.

Douglas V.

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