Gosh! Where do I begin?

Dear Dena,

Gosh! Where do I begin? I think the best word, if there really is one that could describe what has occurred in the past few years would be "rebirth". That kind of sums things up from my perspective, Dena. There was a time, years ago, when there was a huge part of our lives that was just missing. Like a puzzle with a big piece that had been lost. It was so much more than just "missing my sister", which I truly did. There was a gap in our lives. I very often had no idea where you were at any given moment and, although I had a pretty good idea what you were doing, I was so lost. So sad.

Dena, a family isn't just a bunch of people that see each other on holidays and whatnot. A family is a unit. A living, breathing entity that needs all of its parts healthy and active to be whole. Your absence was felt by each and every member of our family. It was worse than a death in that, death has finality. It has, to use a clich´┐Ż, closure. When you were gone, it was worse than that.

The day you finally made the decision to go to Narconon California, there was an immediate change. There was a "rebirth". We all knew that it would be a difficult time in your life. We all worried. But, we also rejoiced. The joy came from the rebirth. Like a new baby brought into the family, you gave us the most special gift you could possibly give; you. I got back my sister and bonus; I got a person I could look up to and be so very proud of. A person that showed me there is always hope and there is great strength in love. You have inspired me in ways that YOU know very well. You have made our family whole again, too.

Thanks, to all the Staff at Narconon California.

Amanda L.

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