And once something so valuable is lost

To whom it may concern,

Prior to our oldest daughter going to Narconon California it was like playing the game of life with several cards missing. Our family was not whole. Life goes on but the game is not the same. We were successful in so many ways but an all important part just was not there. Her brother, sisters, nieces, nephews . . . we all missed her terribly. She was not only lost to us but her own young family; husband, son and daughters. After a while we kind of gave up on the drug problem after years of trying. It gets to be worse than trying to pound a square peg in a round hole. It becomes seemingly impossible. There gets to a point of no answer.

We had this child we conceived. She meant more than any fortune could buy when she was born. We tried to raise her well with all the love and guidance we could. Certainly the same love and guidance we used with our other children. But we were young too . . . was that it? Where did we go so wrong was a constant question? After all we sure were not perfect parents. But this . . . why?

Our daughter went to Narconon California by recommendation and things changed actually fairly quickly. Soon we got word she was doing well. I might add for the first time in years. Soon we heard from her but not the same old thing. She meant it with certainty that it was working for her. It has worked for her exceptionally well.

It has been several years now and we have our little girl back. We have the missing link to our family as a whole. We have the fabulous daughter we knew forty years ago would grow up well adjusted and happy.

When our daughter was born there were no tests to tell whether it was a boy or girl. We never cared. Our only concern, right hand to God, was he or she will grow up well adjusted and happy.

Narconon California has made that wish come true for us. Has the worry, time, heart ache and expense been worth it? Yes . . . she is worth more than any fortune could buy . . . priceless!

And once something so valuable is lost it becomes more valuable given the opportunity to have it again. Priceless is not enough of a word to explain the joy, pride and value given to our lives once again after knowing for certain it was lost.

Narconon California and our dearest daughter . . . thank you!


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